Page navigation commands

openbrowserOpen browser and navigate to specified urlURL: The URL to open (may be relative or absolute).
refreshSimulate users click refresh button on their browserNo
backSimulate users click back button on their browserNo
close_windowsClose the browser, this action will close all windows of the browserNo
scroll_to_top_pageScroll to top pageNo
scroll_to_end_pageScroll to end pageNo
switch_to_default_contentUse this keyword to switch back to default windows, after deal with some frame elementNo
maximize_browserMaximize current windows to take up the entire screenNo
resize_window_screenResize current window to given new sizeresolution: Specify a window resolution using widthxheight. (e.g. 1280×800).
switch_to_window_by_titleSwitch to the window with given titleTiltle: An exact string match
switch_to_iframeSwitch the current context into an iframelocator: An element locator