Create Manual Test

You can create manual test cases in two type of iTMS ticket.

Manual ticket

Create manual ticket:

Click on Create button of jira menu on the top, select issue type that you configed:













Add new test cases:

Go to ticket detail from Jira

or from sidebar menu in Manual Test

Select add test case

Input data and save

The actions on the right are attach a file to a specific test case, edit, clone and delete test case. To re-order test cases, drag and drop test cases to desired position.

Select columns that you want to display in columns list.

To insert a new test case, hover the mouse on the line between test cases. The + button will open a screen to add new test case

the cloud button will open pull from existing ticket window, you can select the test cases of other ticket in this window. Select multiple test cases by check on the checkbox.   

Save and Continue will keep the window open, Pull will save test cases and close the window. 

Reuse test cases:

Click on Pull from existing ticket to reuse test cases. Test cases will be add to the end of the list.

BDD ticket

Create a BDD ticket

BDD ticket uses Gherkin syntax Given, When, Then to create test scenarios. To create a BDD ticket, click on Create button of Jira menu on top. Select ticket type that match iTMS BDD in your configuration.

Create scenarios

Go to BDD section in iTMS sidebar menu, select a ticket:

 Then create a feature or import feature file.  To start create scenario, select editor version, then click + button and input a name for scenario:

 To re-order scenarios, drag and drop to desired postion.

 Create scenario steps:

Click on scenario name

Input name of a scenario, if there is no scenario existed, click on click here to create new scenario. Then select prefix Given, When, Then, And, But in the list

Scenario step is stored in Step definition menu and can be resused.

Create  setup (background):

Background is a set of precondition steps, the step to create a background’s step is the same as scenario.

When switch to raw version, the background is above the very first scenario.

Now we are done with create manual test case. Let’s go to the next session of execution.