iTMS Terminology

Here is a quick run down on all the major terms used by iTMS for Jira Cloud. Please read this first, it will make navigating the user interface and using the application much easier.

Test IssueA test issue is a Jira ticket that has type Manual or BDD test after configured with iTMS application. In order to create a test case, you first have to create a test issue. The terms test issue and test case sometimes can be used interchangeably.  
Manual-TestAn issue type of Jira tickets that is used for Manual Test Case in iTMS. A test issue with Manual-Test type can be considered to be a single test case (in case you don’t have sub-cases in a test issue) or a test suite (which consists of sub-cases in a test issue).  
Test CaseCan be considered to be a test issue or a test step in a single test issue. E.g: Import/Export All Test Cases = Import/Export All Test Issues. Import/Export Test Cases = Import/Export Test Steps.  
BDDAn issue type of Jira tickets that is used BDD in iTMS. A test issue with BDD type can be considered to be a single feature in term of Behavior-Driven-Development methodology. A BDD test case can be executed manually or automatically.  
Scenario Apply only for BDD issue. A scenario is a sequence of steps that represents the behavior of the application as expected by the user.  Following the Gherkin syntax, a scenario consists of Given, When, And, Then steps.  
Scenario OutlineApply only for BDD issue. A scenario goes along with a data set. Scenario Outline consists of concrete examples of different data values.  
BackgroundApply only for BDD issue. A background are preconditions for scenarios.  
Steps Definition Apply only for BDD issue. A Steps Definition is a sequence of steps that can be reused across multiple scenarios like a function. It defines the Domain Specific Language (DSL) of the project. It is the common language shared by the team and used as building blocks to create scenarios.  
Data-TableApply only for BDD issue. For a scenario with parameters, it is possible to define several sets of values (i.e data-table). A test will be generated for each set of values.  
Test SummaryHigh level summary and counts of all the tests that have been created in a particular project, grouped in various ways. Accessible in a Jira project via the navigation tab on the left.  
Test CycleA grouping of (executed and not executed tests (e.g. “Functionality”, “Regression” etc.). More than one test cycle can exist for a Version.  
ExecutionThe act of running a test
Unscheduled VersionIf no Versions have been set up in Jira, then a test will belong to an “Unscheduled” version by default.
Execution statusesPassed, Failed, Blocked, WIP (Work In Progress), Unexecuted are default statuses. Custom statuses can be added.
VersionThe Version set up in Jira. Tests need to belong to Fix Version/s. The Affects Version/s is not used.